Student Members Needed as Section Editors for Carolina Counselor (NCCA Newsletter)

Dear NCCA Student Members,

NCCA is re-inventing the Carolina Counselor and needs your help!  The Carolina Counselor is the official newsletter of the North Carolina Counseling Association.  It is published electronically 3-4 times a year.  NCCA is seeking student members to serve as Section Editors for the Carolina Counselor.  Section Editors will serve one-year terms with consideration for a one-year extension.

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Graduate Student Scholarship Opportunity through NCCDA

Graduate Students,

The North Carolina Career Development Association (NCCDA) is comprised of professionals engaged in the field of career counseling and development. NCCDA is organized and governed in accordance with the by-laws of the National Career Development Association. NCCDA is a division of the North Carolina Counseling Association.

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