Site Supervisor Resources

The following resources are available to site supervisors working with UNCP Practicum and Internship counseling students in school, college, and community settings. All site supervisors should review the Clinical Supervision Handbook for information pertaining to field placement policies and procedures. We are interested in confirming that all of our site supervisors have reviewed and understand these policies and procedures. To confirm that you, as a site supervisor, have reviewed and understand the Clinical Supervision Handbook, please click on the link to the “Site Supervisor Policies and Procedures Training Assessment”.  Thank you for helping to support our students!

Additional Information

2016-2017 Site Supervisor Handbook

Codes of Ethics

American Counseling Association Code of Ethics (2014)

Ethics Standards for School Counselors (ASCA)

Approved Clinical Supervisor Code of Ethics

Clinical Supervision

The Role of Clinical Supervision (Slideshow)

Models and Techniques of Clinical Supervision (Slideshow)

Legal Traps to Avoid in your Practice


Evidence-Based Clinical Supervision (Part 1 of 2)

Dr. Cal Stoltenberg

This is the first of a two part podcast by Dr. Cal Stoltenberg about the art /science of clinical supervision. In this episode, Dr. Stoltenberg addresses the difference between supervision and clinical work with clients. He cautions against becoming too focused on distinct competencies, and recognizes the need to implement quality training. In addition, Stoltenberg notes that there are different models of supervision, and that individual characteristics and culture must be factored into the clinical supervision relationship.

Evidence-Based Clinical Supervision (Part 2 of 2)

Dr. Cal Stoltenberg

This is the second of two episodes in which Dr. Stoltenberg talks about the art of clinical supervision. In Part 2, Dr. Stoltenberg tackles the question, “How do we evaluate what’s occurring in supervision and how is it affecting work with clients?” Stoltenberg suggests that supervision should be concerned with tracking what clinicians are implementing with clients, how are they implementing it, and how effectively it is working.


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