Resources for Student Success

How to Print Your Poster for the Graduate Studies Research Poster Session

Printing on a Budget

Need Help with Repaying Your Loan?

Student Loan Repayment Options

Professional Development Academy Resources:

The Path to Licensure Powerpoint

Counseling Exam Resources:


Comprehensive Exam

Citation and Format Resource Center:

APA Style Website

Purdue Online Writing Lab: APA Guide

Dr. Mauk’s Understanding the Basics of APA Style Powerpoint

Writing Resource Center:

Thesis and Topic Sentence Development

Guide to Organization and Transitions in Writing

Avoiding Emotional, Ethical, and Logical Fallacies in Writing

Using Sentence Structure, Punctuation, and Figurative Language for Effect

Developing Effective Presentations:

Tips for Creating Effective Powerpoint Presentations

Poster Perfect: How to Drive Home Your Science with a Visually Pleasing Poster

UNCP Guide for Poster Format and Layout in Powerpoint

Counseling Equipment Policies and Guidelines:

A Helpful Guide for Using Our Clinic Resources

Equipment Checkout and Use Policy


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