Counseling Achievements

North Carolina School Counselor Association

School Counselor Educator of the Year 2017/18 is:

Dr. Jeffrey Warren!


8th Annual Southeast Region of NC Counselor’s Drive-In Workshop
(March 27, 2015)
The theme for the conference was “The Culture of Counseling” with the keynote speaker being UNCP’s own Dr. Shenika Jones (pictured below).


There was a great crowd of participants, and we greatly appreciate everyone who was able to attend the conference!


In between sessions, attendees had the opportunity to view some of the posters created by graduate research and HAWK assistants.

Pictured Above: Robyn Hale, Graduate Assistant

Pictured Above: Katie Kelly, HAWK Assistant

Pictured Above: Vanessa Doran, Graduate Assistant

A few of the School of Education professionals got together for a group picture.

Pictured Above (Left to Right):
Dr. Gary Mauk, Dr. Alfred Bryant, Dr. Ki Chae, and Dr. Zoe Locklear.

Lastly, here are a few action shots of presenters during their sessions held at the conference.

Pictured Above: Dr. Angela McDonald (left) and Katie Kelly (right).

Pictured Above: Dr. Gary Mauk.

Pictured Above: Bruce Garris.

To view the remainder of the photos from the conference, please click here.

ACA Conference and Expo Orlando, Florida
(March 12-15, 2015)
The CSI: Phi Sigma chapter presented a poster at the CSI Poster Session focusing on “Using the CSI Counselors’ Bookshelf to Support Professional Identity and Advocacy”.

Pictured Above: Jarrett Evans (Phi Sigma Treasurer).

Below is the description of the Phi Sigma poster in the ACA Conference and Expo app.


The Phi Sigma chapter also presented at the CSI Showcase and received praise for their table set-up and organization.

Pictured Above: Vanessa Doran (Phi Sigma President Elect).

While exploring the exhibit, our students ran into Dr. Mark Schwarze (Program Director, Appalachian State University) and Dr. Jeff Warren (Professional School Counseling Director, UNC-Pembroke).

Pictured Above (Left to Right): Dr. Jeff Warren, Sitonja Valenzuela, Dr. Mark Schwarze, Robyn Hale, and Vanessa Doran.

Lastly, some of our graduate students got to meet Dr. Derald Wing Sue after his wonderful presentation.

Pictured Above (Left to Right): Gabrielle Galbreath, Robyn Hale, Dr. Derald Wing Sue, Emily Smith, and Vanessa Doran.

NCCA Conference Greensboro, NC
(February 11-13, 2015)

UNCP had a few presentations and posters at the NCCA conference in February 2015. Our UNCP representatives did a great job representing the school and our Counseling programs. Here are a few pictures from the conference and what our UNCP representatives were presenting.

Our professors took a lovely picture to remember the NCCA:


(Pictured Above, Left to Right: Dr. Nicole Stargell, Dr. Sheika Jones, Dr. Jeffrey Warren, and Dr. Ki Chae)

A few UNCP Clinical Mental Health Counseling graduate students,
Emily Smith (Left) and Jane Goodman (Right), got to meet Dr. Samuel T. Gladding:

NCCA Dr. Gladding

First are a few pictures of Dr. Nicole Stargell (CMHC Professor) and Gabrielle Galbreath (UNCP PSC Graduate Student) presenting on “Treatment Models and Clinical Interventions for Elimination Disorders in Children and Adolescents”

image5-1 SAM_0017 IMG_0003(Pictured Above: Dr. Stargell, Pictured Below: Gabrielle Galbreath)

IMG_0010 image4-1

Dr. Stargell and Gabrielle completed a demonstration with the help of fellow UNCP representative Robyn Hale (PSC Graduate Student):


Next Dr. Jeffrey Warren (Director of the PSC Program at UNCP) and Dr. Mark Schwarze (Director of CMHC Program at Appalachian State University) presented on
“Utilizing Pinterest to Explore Field Placement Experiences of Counselors in Training: A Consensual Analysis”


(Pictured Above: Dr. Warren)

Katie Kelley (UNCP CMHC Graduate Student) and Dr. Ki Chae (Director of CMHC Program at UNCP) presented on “School Counselors’ Perceptions of the Mental Health Needs of Children and Adolescents”


(Pictured Above: Katie Kelley, Pictured Below: Dr. Chae)


Gabrielle Galbreath (UNCP PSC Graduate Student) and Dr. Shenika Jones (UNCP Professor) presented on “Shifting from Counselor to Advocate: A Quest to Raise Multicultural Awareness”


(Pictured Above: Dr. Jones, Pictured Below: Gabrielle Galbreath)


For the final presentation, Dr. Jeffrey Warren and Robyn Hale had a full house for their presentation on “A Theoretical Exploration of Teacher Efficacy Beliefs: Implications for Educational Practice”

image2-1 image1-1

For the poster session, Jacob Blackstock (UNCP CMHC Graduate Student) presented on “Understanding the Perceived Barriers to Mental Health Care for School Aged Children in Rural Areas: An Overview of Perspectives”


After lunch, our group decided to take a few pictures, one serious…


And one funny:


Great job everyone!

CACREP Accredited until 2021!
Initially, the UNCP School Counseling and the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Programs were given a two-year CACREP accreditation; a full accreditation cycle is eight years. At the CACREP Board of Directors (BoD) meeting from January 9-11, 2015, the BoD decided to extend the accreditation to March 31, 2021! CACREP has many specifications and goals, all of which need to be achieved in order to attain this status. Congratulations to both our counseling programs, we are so proud to have you as part of our UNCP Braves family!

Congratulations to the December 2014 graduates of the UNCP Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Professional School Counseling Programs!20141212_184143

Awards, Scholarships, and Honors:

–Spring 2013

2012-2013 Professional Development Academy Workshop Certificates: Erwin Kelly, Stephanie Sanderson, Galissia Graves, Sitonja Valenzuela, Beaullah Chanakira, Angela McMillian, Leona Kimberly DAmico, Yvonne Handy, Debra Williams, Alyse Reiber

2013 Clinical Hypnosis Workshop Scholarship Recipients: Shanna Bell and Katie Kelly

NCCA Emerging Leader: Mihaela Henderson

–Fall 2012

LPCANC Nancy Howell Scholarship Recipient: Kelly Graham

Positions of Leadership:

–Spring 2013

NCCA Newsletter Editor: Katie Kelly

NCCA Newsletter Section Editors: (“Around Campus” – Yayranex Ayala, “Legislative” – Emily Gray, “NC Diversity and Advocacy News” – Shanna Bell)

–Fall 2012

NCCA Newsletter Section Editor (“Around Campus”): Yayranex Ayala

Chi Sigma Iota Phi Sigma Chapter President: Kelly Graham


–Spring 2013

Graduate Student Research Poster Session Presentation: “Examining the Impacts of Heterosexist Microaggressions” — Katie Kelly

–Fall 2012

–Spring 2012

NCCA Conference Presentation: “The I-Risc Strategy” — Bruce Garris

–Fall 2011

Chi Sigma Iota – Phi Sigma Chapter Members:

Christian W. Allen
Steven L. Allman
Beverly Rene Anderson
Ronnie Earl Baker
H. Phillip Barrineau
Megan L. Batten
Kristen Leigh Billingsley
Christine M. Bius
Vanessa Ann Black
Belinda Gail Blackman
Sara Belle Brackin
Pamela C. Bradley
Geraldine Bradshaw
Melissa Brock
Michael Shawn Brown
Rikki Venise Bullard
Lauren Anne Busch
Susan W. Cain
Beverly Gail Cannon
April K. Carpenter
Brooke Jenkins Caylor
Beaullah Chanakira
Ashley Angelica Chavis
Kimberly Ann Chavis
Amanda Chavis-Legerton
Martha Cary Davidson
Robert Kevin Davis
Amy Cathrine Dawkins
Amy Dial
Shanell Carmen Dial
Jacqueline M. Dodge
Jennifer Downing
Charles DeWitt Dulin
Katherine Lynn Dunavant
Jillian Bowers Edwards
John Edwards
Jerry Adam Efird
Carolyn C. Evans
Ann Marie E. Famulari
Timothy Ray Field
Joy Flowers
Jennifer Adams Fout
Rebecca Mary Freeman
Veronica Kay Freeman
Christopher Spears Gardner
Marshall Bruce Garris
Pamela J. Gibson
Lisa Craddock Godwin
Mary Elizabeth Goins
Amie Ward Graham
Kelly Freeman Graham
Katherine Grimm
Sharon Haigler
Rebekah Ann Hales
Amanda Leigh Hall
Malinda Morgan Hatchell
Mihaela Henderson
Steven E. Hendrix
Deborah Potter Hijduk
Jean Norton Hodges
Christine McKnight Hughes
Frances Rochelle Hughes
Margaret J. Hughes
Jodie Lee Hunt
Sue Ellen Hunt
Judith S. Ivory
Aaron Hugh Jackson
Thomas G. Jessup
Alyssa Hope Johnson
Angela Jones
Annette Jones
Beverly Nealy Keller
Regina Webster King
Brittany Lambert
Stephen Mark Lear
Anquinarta S. Lee
Carmen S. Lentz
Annette Locklear
Cathy Lynn Locklear
Charmaine Denise Locklear
Cindy Carol Locklear
Faron Brooke Locklear
Heather Locklear
Jeannine Marie Locklear
Melanie C. Locklear
Natalya Locklear
Sandra Cummings Locklear
Tiffany Gayle Locklear
Tonya Nichole Locklear
Velinda Carter Locklear
Maren Elizabeth Londahl-Smidt
Concetta Ann Lowery
Jessica Marie Madden
Judith Lauren Maroney
Reevie Long Mason
Audrey Richter Mayers
Demisa Tyreese McCallum
Angela Rowe McDonald
Kimberly Stone McDonald
Denise D. McKoy
Audrey West McLean
Kozma Marie McLean
William E. R. McLean
Anita Kay McMahan
Jennifer McNeill
Leslie Hewett McPhail
Charay Sharonda McQueen
Dana Latoya McQueen-Whitfield
Darian Glenn Mehalic
Jacqueline Lydia Melton
Vickie W. Molaro
Rhonda S. Moore
Gretchen McAllister Morales
Tamika LaShawn Morris
Lisa C. Myers
Cory Madelynn Newton
Olivia Ethelyn Newton
Amy H. Norris
Jackie Lynn O’Neil
Monica Zozone Osburn
Fannie Carol Oxendine
Gena’ Steven Oxendine
Samantha Oxendine
Katheryn Joy Parker
Maria Paparella Parker
Wendy Gregory Paroli
Harriett E. M. Payne
LaShonda Payne
Paul Charles Payne
Shannon Peaden
Lora Dawn Pearsall
George David Pitner
Debra Sue Preston
Patricia Watson Price
Camron Lamar Rawls
Debby M. Ray
Sherry Trogdon Reeves
Eric Vaughn Rion
Meredith Brown Robbins
Starr B. Rooks
Stephanie Nicole Sanderson
Anne H. Sanford
Polly Elizabeth Sanford
Bettye Jean Sanford-Joseph
Marie Satterwhite
Keisha M. Saunders
Heather Michelle Scarboro
Tracy Lynn Scott
Karla Shinners
Kate Hughes Short
Gwenneva Simmons
Heather Smiling
Thomas Keith Squier
Jennifer Michelle Stanley
Lauren Hope Stauffer
Kimberly D. Steed
Justina Carter Stewart
Charlamane Carter Suggs
Fran Mae Svacina
Misty Diane Sykes
Anetrica Monique Thomas
Helena Jennina Thomas
Mary Coppedge Thompson
Janet M. Turner
Rebecca L. Tyson
Caryl A.B. Waits
Mary Helen Walker
Courtney B. Walters
Mary Lucinda Walters
Susan Boyles Ward
Jeffrey M. Warren
Dennis W. Watts
Charles James Wentz
Nancy M. Willard
Miriam G. Williams
Melissa Sherill Williamson
Carol D. Wilson
Tina Marie Wolford
Hattena Lee Worriax
Jill Bober Yang
Katherine Fraser Zimmerman

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