The Red Flag Campaign

Have you ever known, seen, or been a victim of abuse? Have you ever kept quiet, just so that you could protect the person who is abusing you? Have you ever been the silent bystander? Chances are that many of us can say yes to at least one of these questions. Today UNCP is asking you to join us and other college campuses as we begin our Red Flag Campaign, speaking out and bringing awareness to dating violence. Continue reading


2013-2014 Professional Development Academy

Hello All:

Last year, the UNCP Counseling Programs launched the Professional Development Academy (PDA) to enormous success. The PDA is a series of four workshops over the academic year that will provide important information and resources that will improve personal and professional development as a counselor.   Attendance at all four workshops results in a certificate of completion of the PDA that adds value to your workplace marketability and shows commitment to your training as a professional counselor.