New Video Camera Checkout Policy

Hello everyone,
As an effort to make sure that all students have equal access to our clinic resources, we are implementing a new video camera checkout policy this semester:

(1) Students may check out video cameras for a maximum of two weeks before they must contact a graduate assistant about renewing or returning the camera. If all the cameras have been checked out and there is a waiting list, the student must return the camera.

(2) Students may contact a graduate assistant via email to inquire about the camera waiting list. At that point, if no students are on the waiting list for a camera, the student can renew the camera for an additional two week period.

A complete list of graduate student office hours and email addresses is posted on the bulletin board near the clinic office as well as on the left side of the blog. For students who have already checked out a camera this semester and have not yet returned it, your first due date will be October 1st.

Thank you,

Your Graduate Assistants:

Katie Kelly –

Alyse Reiber –

Shanna Bell –

Stacy Medina –

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