Important News/Dates for Graduation

Did you know you must apply for graduation early in the semester prior to commencement?  The deadline spring 2013 graduation is quickly approaching.  Don’t wait another day!
If you plan to graduate this academic year and have yet to submit your application, read on.  The rest of you should make note of the October 1 and March 1 deadlines, as they remain the same each year.
The deadline for graduate students applying for the 2013 spring graduation is October 1, 2012.
The deadline for graduate students applying for 2012 summer or fall graduation (fall commencement) was March 1, 2012.   However, the Graduate School will still accept applications if they are submitted right away (late fee applies).  March 1, 2013 is the deadline for fall commencement in December, 2013.
Before October 1 you must:
•             Go to and print out the Application for Graduate Degree (for those completing a degree program) or the Request for Certification of Program Completion (for non-degree programs, such as add-on licensure programs).
•             Obtain required signatures
•             Submit completed form and $70.00 graduation application fee to the Graduate Office.  NOTE: An additional late fee of $25.00 applies after the deadlines stated above. There is no fee for students completing non-degree programs.
In order for you (those completing a degree program) to be included on the mailing list to receive information about Grad Finale (October 17-18, 2012) and detailed information about commencement.
In addition, the Graduate School sends a list of graduates to the Bookstore, and hoods are ordered by discipline based on the count.
Please don’t wait for the deadline.  Submit your form, today.
All the best,
Irene Aiken

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