Student Members Needed as Section Editors for Carolina Counselor (NCCA Newsletter)

Dear NCCA Student Members,

NCCA is re-inventing the Carolina Counselor and needs your help!  The Carolina Counselor is the official newsletter of the North Carolina Counseling Association.  It is published electronically 3-4 times a year.  NCCA is seeking student members to serve as Section Editors for the Carolina Counselor.  Section Editors will serve one-year terms with consideration for a one-year extension.

Section Editors are needed for the following sections of the newsletter:

-Legislative Happenings

-Division News

-Perspective from the Field

-Member Spotlight

-Around Campus

-Professional Orientation

Brief Overviews of Each Section:

Legislative Happenings—This section serves to provide readers with current legislation related to professional counseling at the state and national levels.  Readers will also be informed of what NCCA/ACA is doing to advocate for the counseling profession.

Division News—This section will highlight the divisions of NCCA.

Perspective from the Field—This section is designed to encourage NCCA members to share their thoughts and feelings related to a number of counseling-related topics.  Strategies and Techniques can be shared in this section as well.

Member Spotlight—This section will highlight the life and work of NCCA members from across the state.  Pictures are encouraged.

Around Campus—This section represents counselor education students and faculty.  This section will display articles presenting events and activities hosted by NCCA members on campuses around NC.  Pictures of NCCA members on campus can be submitted as well.

Professional Orientation—This section will present upcoming events such as workshops, trainings, and conferences.  Texts, articles, and websites for example, can be shared as well.  Strategies and techniques for working with various populations can also be presented in this section. 

Section Editor Responsibilities:

Section Editors are responsible for the following:

–requesting submissions from NCCA members, divisions (if applicable), and other entities (if applicable).

–editing/revising items submitted by NCCA members.

–writing articles for designated section (if applicable).

–submitting edited/revised items to newsletter editor by designated due dates.

–working collaboratively with newsletter editor, NCCA member, and executive council members (if applicable).

–conducting newsletter related business in fair and equitable manner.

If you are interested in serving as a Section Editor of the Carolina Counselor, please contact Dr. Natalie Spencer, Editor, at  Please include a formal letter of interest indicating which section you are interested in.  Additionally, please confirm you are an NCCA member and are willing to serve at least one year as a Section Editor.  Inquiries will be considered on a first come first serve basis with a firm deadline of September 7, 2012.

Let’s work together to make the Carolina Counselor the best it’s ever been!   

Best wishes this semester!


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