Fall 2012 Comprehensive Exam

Dear Students,

Please contact me by noon, Friday, September 14, 2012 if you are planning to register for the comprehensive exam this Fall.

You are eligible to take the comprehensive exam after you have completed all of your core courses. The core courses are: Professional & Ethical Issues, Lifespan Development, Counseling Skills & Techniques, Research & Program Evaluation, Theories of Counseling (formerly Fundamentals of Counseling), Career Counseling, Group Counseling, Assessment, and Multicultural Counseling. These courses must be completed prior to taking the exam, you cannot take the exam while concurrently enrolled in any of these courses.

•                    The comprehensive exam must be passed prior to graduation.

•                    Each student is permitted 3 times to take the exam.

•                    The exam is offered each Fall and Spring.

•                    Students who started the counseling program during or after Summer/Fall 2011 are required to take the CPCE, a nationally standardized exam prior to graduation. The CPCE costs $45/student. Students enrolled in the program before Summer/Fall 2011, have the option of taking an in-house exam at no cost to the student OR the CPCE at a cost of $45/student. My advice is to take the CPCE because it most closely aligns with the credentialing exams required for licensure and there are several study guides specifically for this test on the market.

A handout about the comprehensive exam is attached to this email for your review.

I look forward to hearing from you about your plans.


Dr. Schwarze


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