2016 ACA Conference in Montreal, Canada!

Mariel Biebl, Moriah Cleveland, Ciera Thompson, Vanessa Doran, Robyn Hale, Gabrielle Galbreath, Chanel Parham, and Jarrett Evans attended the annual American Counseling Association conference in Montreal Canada on March 31 through April 3. Vanessa Doran received the Chi Sigma Iota Outstanding Program Award on behalf of the Phi Sigma Iota chapter. Robyn Hale made a presentation entitled Exploring Non-Cognitive Factors Within College Students. Gabrielle Galbreath made presentations entitled Shifting From Counselor to Advocate: A Quest to Raise Multicultural Awareness and The Effects of Religious Coping and Spiritual Well-Being Among Terminally ILL Patients. Dr. Nicole Stargell made presentations entitled The New Hoarding Disorder: Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment and The DSM-5: Advanced Overview of Changes and New Diagnostic Procedures. Dr. Shenika Jones made a presentation entitled Shifting From Counselor to Advocate: A Quest to Raise Multicultural Awareness. Dr. Angela McDonald made a presentation with Dr. Gerard Lawson and Dr. Vicki Kress entitled CACREP and Counseling Licensure Laws: Grassroots Advocacy Strategies.


Spring 2016 CPCE/NCE Test Preparation Workshop

22 students attended Dr. Chae’s CPCE/NCE test preparation workshop on Saturday March 19th. This 3-hour workshop is offered every semester and is free for active Chi Sigma Iota, Phi Sigma chapter, members; non-members pay $5 to attend. Students who attended the workshop say:

“Dr. Chae gave examples for each; love this!, He’s very knowledgeable; love the worksheet (helpful to organize the information)!”

“All the material covered was super beneficial, Dr. Chae has a great way of breaking material down for understanding!”

The North Carolina Counseling Association Conference 2016

UNCP was well represented at the North Carolina Counseling Association conference!

Conference Sessions

Inspiring Counselor Advocacy through Understanding of Mental Health

-Angela McDonald and Vanessa Doran

Color Blind: How Heuristic Thinking Contributes to Tangible Racism and How We Can Inspire

-Shenika Jones and Jacob Blackstock

Chi Sigma Iota Annual Meeting

Nicole Stargell, M. Englert, E. Teague Palmieri, and Vanessa Doran

Military 201: Integrating the Context of the Military into the Counseling Process

-S.C.W. Hayden and Angela McDonald

Rural Children, Real Challenges: Trends in Treatment and Barriers to Mental Health Care for Rural Children

-Ki Byung Chae and Jacob Blackstock

Using the CSI Counselors’ Bookshelf to Integrate, Collaborate, and Inspire

-Nicole Stargell, Vanessa Doran, and Robin Hale


Effective Online Treatment Programs for Female Rape Victims Suffering from PTSD

-Samantha Simon, Ki Byung Chae

Hoarding Disorder: Integrated Assessment and Collaborative Treatment Approaches

-Nicole A. Stargell, Kim Duong

Conference Attendees:

 Gabrielle Galbreath

Dr. Jeffrey Warren

Atticia Bundy

Jane McNeill

Kristen Maynernik


Thank You Professor Wu!

Professor Jiang Miao Wu,

From all of us at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke and the Counseling Department we would like to thank you for visiting us. We were delighted to hear about your research on self-efficacy and stress in college students. We enjoyed hearing about your adventures in America; from the first time you saw UNCP to your first time meeting Santa Claus. We appreciate being part of your journey and we will miss you.

National Eating Disorder Association Walk

National Eating Disorders Association Walk Saturday, 11/21/15, UNC-Greensboro

On November 21, 2015 CSI: Phi Sigma Chapter officers, CSI members, and non-members walked to bring awareness to eating disorders plaguing millions of people every day. The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) Walk was a reminder of the struggle people who deal with this mental and physical illness, and how hard this illness is to overcome.

12240290_10101365671335896_4764206225253586014_o(Pictured Left to Right: Danielle, JP, Kayla, Vanessa, Adam, Whitney, Dr. Stargell, Emily, Vincent, Robert, Jane, and Yogi)

A little over 100 people attended the NEDA walk, and those pictured above were all to happy to participate. Emily Smith (pictured below) created “Team Ginger” and proceeded to ask UNC-Pembroke faculty, staff, and students to donate or walk for the cause.

12240434_10101365490213866_8665486268397150697_o(Pictured Left to Right: Jane, Vanessa, and Emily)

Understanding just how detrimental eating disorders can be will not only help us become better counselors, but can also help us better understand how to help our clients who have eating disorders. Below are a few facts from the NEDA walk:


A huge thank you to those who donated online, those who participated in the walk, and those who helped raise awareness! Below are a few more pictures from the walk:

PDA on TA!

If you weren’t able to attend the second Professional Development Academy on Tuesday, November 11, we had a full house! We learned about Transactional Analysis from presenter Tim Hunt and learned how our “Parent, Adult, and Child” interact when looking at additions. Below is a picture from the PDA- who remembers what Mr. Hunt was talking about in the photo??
From the looks of our surveys, we will have to invite Mr. Hunt to speak about Transactional Analysis again! Our surveys revealed a huge interest in learning more about TA and other TA methods. We will be putting up Mr. Hunt’s powerpoint on the CSI section of the site soon, so be on the look out!

May the Counseling Site Be Ever in Your Favor!

On Tuesday (8/25), Practicum and Internship students met together to learn how to be professional while at their counseling sites. Dr. Chae (pictured below) is explaining professional behavior to the students, and how to become “Star Counselors” (aka that perfect combination of competence and commitment).

Practicum and Internship students also learned about the Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Exam (CPCE), the National Counseling Exam (NCE), and the Praxis II. There were a large number of attendees; so much so, we had to use another classroom!